PTFE Filter Bag

PTFE Filter Bag

PTFE needle felt 750gsm.

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  • Material: PTFE needle felt 750gsm.
  • Finish Treatment: Singed, calendared, heat set, PTFE membrane
  • Size: diameter 100mm, 125mm, 130mm, 150mm, 180mm, 250mm etc.
    Any length is available. Special size is customizable.
  • Process Method: sewing
  • Advantages:
    a) High temperature resistance
    b) Excellent acidity resistance
    c) Excellent alkalinity resistance,
    d) High filtration efficiency
  • Dust Collector Filter Bag:
    Since every filter has its own characteristics and parameters,
    when we chose filter material for dust collector filter bags,
    we have to know the following parameters: temperature, humid,
    dust diameter, gas chemical properties, dust abrasive, filter's mechanical parameters.
    Generally, SFF dust collector filter bags are widely used in industrial waste gas filtration, useful dust, high temperature gas filters.
    Shanghai filter bag factory provides you good solution according to dust characteristics, help you chose good filter material to achieve best filtering effective.
  • Feature:
    1. Operation temperature 150 Deg c,
    2. the max surge is 150 deg c.
    3. good anti-acid, good anti-alkali ,good hydrolysis stability
    4. Mean Air Permeability: 10-15 m3/m2/min@12.7mmH2O
    Available Finish: singed, calendar, PTFE membrane, W/O
  • Advantage:
    The surface of polyetrafluorethylene (PTFE) membrane is smooth and anti-chemistry. PTFE membrane is bonded to the surface of conventional filter medium and eliminates the need for a primary dustcake. Filtration takes place on the membrane surface and realizes surface filtration. Because the PTFE membrane has the advantage of smooth, chemical stability, long service life and waterproof, it results in excellent dust cake release, high filtration efficiencies and longer service life.

Technical Data:

    PTFE needle felt
    Construction Needle felt
    material PTFE needle felt
    Scrim support Yes
    Felt Area Weight 750g/sqm +/-5%
    Thickness 1.2-1.4mm
    Mean Air Permeability 8-16 m3/m2/min@12.7mmH2O
    Breaking Strength-MD >800 (N/200×50mm)
    Breaking Strength-CMD >900N / (N/200×50mm)
    Breaking Elongation( N/5cm)-MD) <20%
    Breaking Elongation( N/5cm)-CMD) <25%
    Dry Shrinkage MD <2.5%
    Dry Shrinkage CMD(260℃) <1.5%
    Operating Temperatures 220-250 deg C
    Recommended Maximum Continuous 250 deg C
    Recommended Maximum Surge 270 deg C
    Finish Singed, calendered, heatset, PTFE membrane
  • Application
    Widely used in coal burning boiler, waste in cineration, carbon black producing,Tio2 producing for fume treatment or dust collection, as well as some high temperature or some corrosive liquid filtration.

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